White Marble 1/2″ Screened Landscape Rock

The White Marble 1/2″ screened landscape rock has a bright color that can add a contrasting pop to any outdoor space. It is perfect for use in pathways, accents, and other landscaping projects. This beautifully  crushed granite has been the absolute highest desired decorative gravel sought most by customers for 2022-2023. This is a remarkable gem ensuring to enlighten any pathways, yard, or wherever your project needs may be.



White Marble 1/2 screened landscape rock is a stunning landscape rock that will instantly enhance the beauty of any outdoor area. Its bright white color adds a striking contrast and makes it a perfect choice for pathways, accents, and various landscaping projects. This crushed granite is highly sought after by customers and is considered the top decorative gravel for 2022-2023. With its remarkable beauty, White Marble 1/2 is sure to illuminate any pathway, yard, or project area.

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