Common Delivery Questions and Faqs:

Do you guys offer free delivery?

We do offer Free Delivery For orders that are 10 Tons or more of the same material or product and in the East Valley only. Outside of the East Valley, cost of delivery can vary. Contact the office for details and information. 

What time will the rock be delivered to my home?

Our delivery schedule is tentative for various reasons like traffic conditions, loading times, and ease of finding the delivery location. When you place an order through the office, we often ask the day and time you need it. We do our absolute best to meet your needs and accmadations. If anything changes, we promptly contact you the customer/contractor will all updates. Please understand though that there are many deliveries to be done and if something takes longer at one location than usual, that will set everyone’s delivery back a bit. We will be there as close to the requested time as possible though.

I have some rock in my yard from a few years ago. Will the colors still be the same if I buy that same type today?

Generally, yes, but this is not always the case. Rock and gravel are natural products and therefore subject to color variations. When a rock quarry hits a new vein in the mountain, or the pit expands its mining operations, it is common for some changes in color to occur. We do our best to advise everyone of this possibility during the ordering process. If you are trying to match new gravel to rock you have had from 1-20 years, it is a good idea to visit our showroom locations to see what they are currently mining and if it still matches what you originally bought. The good news is that we are very knowledgeable in this area, and usually will be able to recommend a match that will blend nicely with your existing rock, even in the instances that the quarry that originally mined your specific rock is no longer in operation.

Do you deliver your landscape materials and products on the weekends?

Yes we can deliver on Saturdays depending on location of Delivery , the material , and qauntity needed. Please give our office a call for further questions.

What is your delivery schedule?

We strive on fast deliveries, always trying to deliver at your soonest request. Depending on material availability and location, we can deliver same day to next day. We deliver Monday – Friday starting as early as 6am and finishing the day at 4pm. These times can fluctuate depending on seasonal hours and the delivery schedule for that day. We do not give specific time frames but if requested we can do our best to deliver on your schedule and availability. Saturday deliveries happen between 6am-1pm and generally book fast.

Rock Sizes and Uses

1/4” & 3/8”– The sizes of these type of rocks are very small and most common in minus material while some colors are available as screened. 1/4″ and 3/8″ minus are a very economic way to landscape. These are commonly used in pathways, driveways, rental houses, parking lots, and also useful in back yards where kids play. The smaller size landscape gravel can also be used for compaction.

1/2”- This size of rock is comparable to a penny, dime, or a nickel. It is very common in front and back yard landscaping. ½” gravel is easier to shovel and rake than the larger ¾” – 1” sizes. It is also easier to keep clean from debris and easier to cover bald spots with than the larger rocks.

3/4” & 1”  These are comparable to a quarter or fifty cent piece. A common reason customers choose the larger size is for the aestetic appeal. These sizes are commonly used for front and back yard landscaping and they will stay in place very well which makes them good to use around pools. This larger size has less chance of being blown away due to its heavier weight which helps remains more intact versus the smaller sizes.  Another benefit of these larger sized rocks is that they will not get stuck in your shoes like the smaller sizes might.

3/8” Pea Gravel – This is very common and nice to use in dog runs and kennels. It is known as the safest while easy for pets to walk on, clean, and can be cooled off by spraying it with a water hose. It is also commonly used under and around kids play sets with much less mess than sand and less bugs than wood chips would attract.

Rip Rap – This size of rock is usually between baseball and basketball size depending on what you order. The most common use of this rock is in dry riverbeds and water retention areas.