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Whether you’re looking to enhance your garden, install a driveway, or create a peaceful backyard retreat, our wide range of affordable bulk landscaping materials and decorative rock products caters to all residential projects, offering both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability.


From large-scale landscaping, construction projects, and infrastructure developments, we provide premium and high quality landscaping materials, decorative rocks, and aggregate supplies. Our bulk material supplies are suitable for commercial applications, ensuring you have quality resources to complete your projects efficiently and successfully.

Landscaping Materials and Decorative Rock Products

Minus Landscape Materials

Perfect for building strong bases for roads, pathsways, and driveways. Our Minus Landscape Materials pack a high composition of fines that compact to create a solid, stable layer. This decomposed granite is perfect for creating surfaces that hold their shape even under intense weight or weather conditions, offering an exceptional choice for projects requiring strength and durability. Resourced responsibly, this product offers both functionality and aesthetics.

Screened Landscape Rock

Our decorative screened landscape rock selection is a carefully curated mix of beautiful rocks, screened to a uniform size for consistent aesthetic appeal and utility. These granite rocks are perfect for landscaping features, drainage, decorative pathways, or adding a natural and textured element to your outdoor design. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to complement any landscaping project and are sourced with care to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Landscape Boulders

Create breathtaking, timeless landscape features with our bulk collection of decorative landscape Boulders. Available in a diverse range of sizes and hues, our Boulders serve as beautiful natural focal points in any outdoor space. They’re perfect for creating dramatic accents, retaining walls, or integrating with water features. Each Boulder is unique and hand-selected, ensuring its beauty, quality, and character.

Rip Rap

Ideal for controlling erosion and shaping landscapes, our Rip Rap is a collection of large, irregularly shaped stones that are perfectly suited for construction projects such as retaining walls, channel lining, and slope stabilization. These drainage rocks effectively dissipate the force of flowing water, reducing soil erosion and promoting stability in areas prone to washouts. Available in a range of sizes, our Rip Rap is as practical as it is attractive.

River Rock & Pea Gravel

Our River Rock  and Pea Gravel collection offers a variety of naturally rounded, smooth stones. These rocks can be used for multiple decorative landscaping applications. They are perfect for creating riverbed effects, bordering gardens, or adding visual interest to plant beds. Each stone is naturally sourced, lending an authentic touch of nature’s elegance to your outdoor space. With a range of sizes and colors to choose from, our River Rocks enhance the aesthetic appeal of any landscape design.

Building Aggregates

We offer a wide selection of Building Aggregates, essential for any construction or landscaping project. Our selection includes ABC Roadbase, perfect for forming a solid, stable base for roads and driveways; Mortar Sand, with its fine, smooth consistency ideal for brick and block laying; Concrete Mix, pre-blended with the right proportions of cement, and Concrete Sand, a versatile material often used for mixing concrete or for improving drainage. All our aggregates are checked to ensure the best quality for your projects.

Being a licensed contractor it's hard to find delivery next day. AZ Rock Depot was able to deliver my orders when I needed them as requested per directions. As of now I highly recommend them and as they're not on my s*** list. I definitely will bring much more work their way as long as they keep up the excellent and outstanding work ethic. AZ Rock Depot had good looking trucks and their drivers are respectful and directions were we're followed as intended.

Isaac Griffin

Just amazing. Quoted and delivered what I needed in 1 day, at 30% less cost than another place had quoted me (and the other place was gonna deliver it more than a week later). These guys are further from my house, but still a dramatically better deal in all regards (despite being miles away, they charge less for delivery than a competitor that is just blocks from where I live). When I needed more rock to finish the job I'd started, they were able to get it to me same-day, saving me from having to pay for another day of tractor rental.

Shane Bezzant

Sherman was great! He arrived on time with a smile on his face. The precision in which he dumped my load of gravel was right on target! I will be calling again! Excellent job!

Deborah Johansen

Why Choose Us for Landscaping Materials

As a family-owned and operated business, AZ Rock Depot brings a personal touch to the supply of top-quality, natural landscaping materials and supplies nearby. We strive to help our customers achieve their outdoor goals with our affordable bulk supply of decorative rocks, building materials, construction supplies, and aggregates are not only responsibly sourced and meticulously inspected, but also meet the highest standards of beauty, durability, and sustainability. Our belief in personalized service means we take time to understand every customer’s specific needs and guide them to the right solutions. We offer a comprehensive selection of sand and gravel materials, and with a commitment to customer satisfaction that is as steadfast as the rocks we provide. We pride ourselves on our rock-solid reliability. Whether you’re tackling large-scale construction projects or small home garden improvements, choose us—your trusted, local, family-run partner in crafting stunning, enduring landscapes.

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