Apache Pink 1″ Screened Landscape Rock


Discover the captivating beauty of Apache Pink 1″ Screened. Create a dramatic and textured look in your landscaping project. Perfect for adding elegance to any outdoor space. Stop by AZ Rock Depot today and see this in person. With its larger size, Apache Pink 1″ screened can create a more textured and dramatic look in your landscaping project. It has the same beautiful pink color as the 1/2″ Apache Pink.

Apache Pink 1″ screened is a captivating rock variety boasting an eye pleasing subdued pink tone. The 1″ size offers an increased visual texture, making it a versatile pick for a range of projects including flower beds, pathways, and other landscaping projects.

Whether used as a pathway border, ground cover, or decorative element, these rocks evoke a sense of natural beauty and provide a captivating backdrop for gardens and hardscape designs. Apache Pink 1″ is the ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic for their outdoor oasis.